Friday, August 21, 2009

Belly Button Asshole???

Everyone loves a kitty cat. Everyone loves kitty cat tattoos. Everyone has a belly button. Everyone has an asshole. theory...everyone should love a hairy kitty cat asshole tattoo on their belly button...right? WRONG!!!

I get the whole tattoo thing. It's body can be beautiful, or significant, or a memorial...or it can be....that tattoo up there. (I have no words) do you explain this to your children? How do you explain it to the doctor performing your appendectomy? What do you say to your grandmother at the next beach party? What would they say to you?

"Thank God you don't have an outie?"

I love my cats. They are my "children". I see their assholes often. But never...have I imagined one day adding that my middle. But hell...maybe this guy did so his cats would be forced to see what he does everyday? Yeah???? Maybe that's it.

Well this guy's love of assholes is evident. I prefer to love my kitties by the front end...but what do I know? Maybe when they die, I'll feel different. So...I guess I should start working on growing out my belly hair now...just in case. PURRR....

That's all for now,

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