Friday, December 4, 2009

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes....

Smoke and mirrors...that's all it really is isn't it?

Illuminated for a short moment...our own twists and turns, tendrils and ribbons...float then fade, and if we are lucky...someone...captures that moment and remembers.

Something misshapen. Something incidental...incandescently beautiful...rolling for a heartbeat then changed forever.

A wash, a flood, a flicker...a twirl of a lover's hair. A memory, a vision...a creation only seen by a focused lens. Exhaled grace. A snap of wanderlust. A pinafore that disappears as the decades form creases across that pretty dress.

This is smoke and mirrors...our lives lit like the grayish fumes from a cigarette. Reflected back upon ourselves...we see the cadence of our youth....maybe hear the tick of winding clock. Each one of us is like a Rorschach...what do you see when you look at the billowing wings? Do you see my eyes, my fingers, my liberty? Back lit from a candle, plumes of smoke dancing in time for one quick frame...a mirror is placed just so....can you see my secrets?

That's all for now,

P.S. Brendan just came back from ANOTHER business trip, and while I was explaining this post...raving about how beautiful and amazing smoke art is...guess what popped up on the TV screen at the very same moment? Just guess! Yup...smoke billowing across a black screen. I looked at Brendan and said..."OH MY GOD! LOOK! I TOLD YOU SO! It was freaky. Well, it was a commercial for something lame...but it was freaky. If this makes no sense ***see previous post****

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