Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Plushenko Is A Whiny Little Bitch....With A Bad Haircut...

For those of you who witnessed the Olympic greatness known as Evan Lysecek the other know...America dominated...and the Russians....whined like little bitches.

Evan was awesome! He spun and jumped and "snaked" his way across the ice and straight to GOLD. I do kind of wish Evan would've taken a little wardrobe advice from Johnny Weir...he could've changed it up a bit from this:

To this: least he didn't look like this:

Yevgeny Plushenko (what the hell kinda name is Yevgeny anyway) looks like he ripped off his outfit from a second hand shop dealing only in attire from 1981. And the hair???? Uh....hello? Russia? Anybody home? The mullet is best left on the tracks at Nascar. Nuf said.

So, after Evan won the Gold, Plushenko began his tirade. He whimpered and whined, bad mouthed and pouted. Then....he decided to award himself a Platinum medal. ??????? On his blog, he stated that because he pulled a Quad in the competition...he should've won. He goes on to say that if the others can't jump a Quad at the Olympics...they are just basically ice dancing. WAAHH WAAHH WAAH.

To Yevgeny I say: "Go take a shot of vodka and a chill pill. You lost. Deal with it. And get a hair need one. And P.S. you looked like a loser in the photo below. Work on it.

As for the rest, Skeleton people are nuts! You couldn't pay me to go face first down an ice slick. Bode Miller....congrats on the medals, but you're still a tool. Ice Dancers...way to go, but I liked the Americans better. (I am not whining here) American Bobsled dude wearing the tight need a girdle, your spare tire and man boobs aren't really a great ratings booster...and they hurt my eyes. American ski jumper missing the tooth...uh...could you have at least seen the dentist before bazillions of people around the world had to witness your jack-o'-lantern grin? I mean really? You could've even just put a white sticker over the space or stuck a Chicklet in there or some shit like that. All in all....Olympics...I love you and still can't get enough.

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the olympics are still going on!?!??!?! did they extend them this year?!?!!

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I always love a gold lamay speedo

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