Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ok...today I am Zen Brandi. No telling anyone off....no shredding my underwear in the office shredder....no accusing foreign male ice skaters of being whiny little bitches. I've got the world on a string...and I'm sittin' on a rainbow.

It's March. That means it's not February. That means it's just a little closer to June, July, and August, and this makes me happy. Happy people don't rant. I believe my recent ranting was a side effect of the February Blues. (and stupid people/stupid underwear/stupid sore losing ice skaters)

I'm normally a really nice person....really...truly. Seriously. But when I blow my top, it's a gusher. I let it all spill out. I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse. I usually speak my mind...I know how to stand up for myself....and I am able to censor myself and limit my cursing...but sometimes it just feels so good to throw caution to the wind. Last week....it was pretty windy.

But like I said....today I am Zen. Ohm. Peace. It's March. I'm happy. The Olympics are over, today is my day off, and I plan to go on an underwear shopping spree. Bliss...pure bliss.

Life's a wonderful thing....as long as I hold that string.
That's all for now,
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goodniteirene said...

well nama-fucking-ste!!!
bravo brandi-santi.
peace out,

duh...fixed yesterday's post...when you saw it....i had forgotten the DL link....sorry.

your friend laura said...

omg, girl. please. i've been suffering from the side effects of february for, well, all of february.

but no more! february, BE GONE! stupid month anyway. that's RIGHT it only gets 28 days...because it SUCKS!

i. need. sunlight.

love love love,

Niki said...

What happen to all the panties from the pinata??

bernthis said...

undie shopping, a luxury around here. Glad the olympics are done go BIGGST LOSER!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!