Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perhaps I Might Borrow Your Grey Poupon?


I love that word. Perhaps. It's a possibility. It's an awakening. It's a bite of fate. Perhaps. Perhaps I will do something memorable today...make a friend, learn a word, eat something other than chicken. Perhaps, I will get dressed today...perhaps I won't. It's all in the maybe that is so intriguing.

A twist, a turn, an unexpected blink and that perhaps is reality. Poof. Done.

Endless choices are awaiting when preceded by perhaps...and nothing is off limits. I guess that is what makes it so damn tasty.

Perhaps, today I will meet a person who can change my mind. Perhaps I will fulfill a dream. Perhaps I will rip a hole in the ass of my favorite pants at work today...nope wait. I did that already....yesterday. That sentence should have read: Obviously I will rip a hole in the ass of my favorite pants at work. There's always a possibility of holes ripping and embarrassing scenarios when we're talking about me here. Perhaps I will shave my legs or hem my new pants...probably not...but perhaps. Conceivably I may laugh out loud or dance in front of the mirror...perhaps...I haven't decided yet...but the option is there. It's liberating isn't it?

Perhaps, you dear friends, will read this and think I'm nuts...perhaps you will may or may not have already decided that. Perhaps is a rolling stone that only rests in decision. What choices will I make today?

Perhaps I will go eat some Sabra Hummus now...yes...choice longer perhaps.

That's all for now,

P.S. Maybe the real reason I love the word perhaps, is because it sounds like PURRHATS and who doesn't love a kitty with a cap? I'm a fan....they're just so jaunty!


Niki said...

Perhaps is definitely the most fitting word for you...always indecisive!!

Erica at DECORICA said...

I'm going to miss those pants - feel like they were a part of our team. Enjoy the Sabra, it's the best.