Friday, October 16, 2009

Cuz' Mickey Loves Ya...

"We write to taste life twice,
once in the moment,
and in retrospection."
-Anais Nin

I thought I would give a little "update" on a few of my previous postings. Revisit...if you will. Taste them if once wasn't enough. toilet is flushing clear. I am officially back from the tacky. I have to say...thank God for the knock off 2000 Flushes was really more like 500. In this economy, I never thought I would actually be thankful for crappy products. Pun intended.

I think it may be time to retire my good ol' faux "Snuggie". I spilled hot chocolate on it...and it puts the "ug" in ugly...and takes the "snug" outta "Snuggie. I'm thinking I will invest in one of those new fashion the one below...because I am feeling like I want to bring out my wild side. I think the zebra one will do that. It's my kinda "lingerie". Bren better watch out! I'm getting frisky with my loungewear.

I finally got a weekend off with Brendan. I only get one a month....which is tough. What did we do all day on a rainy Saturday? We watched Rocky I - V. "AAAADDDRRIIAAANNN". It was quite the marathon. Ofcourse I had to hear MANY bad Rocky impressions and watch Brendan "air box" with many invisible opponents.

Things I learned that rainy Saturday?

1.Brendan can't do a very good Rocky impression.
2.Brendan can't do a very good Russian impression.
3.Rocky II-V sucked.
4.Brigitte Neilson used to be quite hot.
5.I never want to hear "Eye Of The Tiger" again.
6.I never want to hear "Da Da Dant...Da Da Daaaant" again.
7.I had a really good day watching Rocky I-V with Bren. Yup, I said it. It was fun.
8.They had to put clothes on Stallone for the Rocky V poster...and a hat...he was getting man boobs.

Well...that's the update....maybe just a few more little things.... I am not getting a Brazilian wax now or ever. The cats haven't really been bringing any dead things home lately. Our heat isn't working upstairs. Our refrigerator sprung a leak and drowned the kitchen floor. Don't worry...I didn't know refrigerators leaked either. Gus stopped peeing in the plants but decided bowls of leaking refrigerator water were better. My bangs are getting longer by the day and ever more so unattractive. My beautiful little niece is playing tackle football. GO JJ! And I checked the tv guide for the next couple weeks...Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, and Die Hard were miraculously left off the line I'm safe through October. Life is good in the Yeager house.

That's all for now,


Erica at DECORICA said...

Yes, I recommend the zebra snuggie and get rid of that damn know which one!

Brandi said...

Oh my god Erica....shh...don't mention that one! Lol! Zebra it is...and I know I'll be in style because you said so on your blog!
xo Brandi