Thursday, July 16, 2009

Puddle Of UGH...

Where are the hot sticky days of summer...the real ones...the ones where the sun burns your eyelids while you count the birds in a cloudless sky? Where are the roadside lemonade stands where children peddle sugary sweetness for a dime? Where are the watermelon seeds that litter the front steps...little landmines spit from a sloppy smile? Where are the freckles and tan lines from a day spent lazy on the sand? Where is the sun...the golden one...the incandescent light?

It has been raining....more to come. It doesn't doesn't doesn't cleanse. It is just rain and thunder and wet.

Days are spent in dry blowing air...inside...and they trickle by one. The summer is passing, the rain keeps falling, and the sun's not showing.

Maybe there will be a sun storm tomorrow...flashes of lightning gold...thundering silent warmth and dripping metallic rays.
But no...tomorrow it will rain...again. No sandy sticky chin. I will work in a stuffy another book and count the days of gray and cloudy skies.

That's all for now,

...ok, not my most uplifting post...but damn it...when it stops raining, I'll write a friggin' rainbow or something. Let's just all do a collective zenish OHM of prayer for sun, and if it more depressing posts of UGH.

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