Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lost In Translation

We went to our favorite little Thai restuarant last night for, Brendan and his mom Jan. Thai food = yummy. Every time we go...we giggle like idiots over the names of the dishes on the menu. Somehow we just can't decide which to order???

1. Phucket Fried Rice (Phucket! I'd like the Fried Rice)

2. Prik Khing Chicken (Well, if the chicken is the Khing of Priks...I'm havin' me some of that!)

or a healthier choice...
3. Larb Salad (I'll have the salad please...hold the LARB)

So ofcourse me with my sick sense of humor thought I'd blog about it. Here are some funny asian signs that a little "lost in translation". Enjoy!

"Civilized Urinating" Is there really any other way?

You can use em'...just don't embezzle em'

Perhaps this says it all...

My skin is feeling a little parched...I think I'll "TRY YES TO CARROTS"

This one is my favorite!!!

I'm glad Brendan takes the train to work everyday!

Bus = Luggage Gangsters

Train = Plethora of Luggage

That's all for now,



Niki said...

Please tell that husband of yours to always wear clean underwear in case those luggage gangsters turn into "brief bandits"

Love you!

Brandi said...

My husband doesn't wear BRIEFS! Thank you very much! He wears Winnie the Pooh boxer shorts. Big difference....HUGE!!!

Kendra said...

LoL @ Luggage Gangsters.

I remember you telling me about that it really called Phucket Fried Rice?? I'd be embarrassed to order it! LoL