Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog = Posted / Comments = None

This blog thing...I see why they so quickly fall by the wayside.

You rifle through the unremarkable days, awaiting something of note. You rack your brain for some genius spoonful of raspberry flavored insight to offer up to raspberry loving fans.

Then it hits...its time to write. The cursor blinks, the awaiting minion. The page is blank like inside of a gas station "Thank You " card.

Finally the sentences spew speckles against the glowing white page. Thought accomplished. Daily blog complete.

You contemplate the prospective comments. Voices of the unseen that you toil for. Did they read it? Did they hate it? Were they changed? The comment box counts zero. Zero is a number colored black.

So you prostitute your brainwork to anyone clicking by. Look at me! Look at me! Is is vain to abase ourselves to such levels for a comment on a page? Maybe so...maybe so.

When I told Brendan that I was scared to write a blog. He asked why? I whispered back, "what if nobody reads it?"

"Does it matter?" He replied.

No, it does not matter. My twisted thoughts are personal, but I choose to share them anyway. I do not expect anyone to care or comment. I write for love alone.

Insight isn't an everyday kind of thing. I will wait until there is something halfway profound to say. At least something better...something more. Insight is like a once or twice a week kind of thing. I think. I'll probably still be hawking myself to whomever will stop and listen. Look at me...Look at me! That's the story of a blog.

Until next time, maybe not tomorrow, but maybe so. And don't you worry...I'll let you know.

That's all for now,



Brendan said...

Hey I didn't even know you could post comments on this thing, cool! I love your blog and i love you.



Anonymous said...

I think all of us struggle with this. Bloggers are just more out there wanting to be heard. There are days when my traffic is low or there are hardly any comments and I wonder why and feel stupid. And then there are high volume days when I puff out my chest. I think the key is to try not to let it matter, either way. Of course I have NO IDEA how to do this. My favorite quote is by Emile Zola: "if you ask me what I came to do, I came to live out loud."

Kendra said...

Aww that hubby of yours is too sweet!

I'm glad you decided to write your blog. I'm just a little late in catching up!

<3 Kenge