Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sister...You Been On My Mind...Sister We're Two Of Kind...

Sisters are something that only sisters can understand. There is a bond. There is a connection. The blood that runs in one's veins...relatively flows in the other's.

Niki-My Sister,

You carried me as a baby...your little play thing, your doll. My earliest memories are with you...my teetering body held steady by your hands, my little bony butt perched snuggled in your lap.

We shared our father, his love, his wisdom, his temper...his pain. I don't think either one of us could love another man the way we love our father...and only you can understand what I mean by that.

You astound me with the way you love me...the way you show me that you love me...always there at the other end of the line, laughing, joking, crying with me...or for me.

I watch you with your daughter, the hardships that you weather, and I know that there is no other woman that could do it with more compassion, love, and understanding as you do. Your "girl" is a beauty. A little you. She's going to grow up like I did, with someone that will move the heavens for her. I know you feel lucky to have her...your little miracle...but she's lucky to have you too.

I remember the night before my wedding...we stayed up talking so late. You laced the ribbons on my dress in the morning...it was perfect...you there...as always...it couldn't have been anyone else.

We are separated by almost a decade. It has hindered us in the past. As different as we are, I find I enjoy our connection so much more now that I can look back an appreciate all you've done for me, all you do now.

We share the blood of our parents. I feel you in me. A scarlet reminder that you are never far, always warm, and in my heart. You are the strong one...the one that can endure. The one that shows emotions so raw, but so true. It is a gift to cry...to cry for someone else's pain. It makes you the woman you are. In those ways...I...cannot compete.

I shouldn't wait for a special day to say it. I love you my sister. I love you my friend.

Happy Birthday.

That's all for now,

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