Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leapin' Lizards....

A man in New Zealand was arrested at the airport trying to smuggle out....are you ready for this?

Wait for it....

43 his Fun-derwear...I mean underwear!

Almost certainly, all of the geckos were on international "insurance" type business...and this German bloke was just giving them "first class" travel accommodations. Retch! Is that a gecko in your pants...or are you just happy to see me? That guy up there can put me in his....OK never mind...I'm married....and I'm sure my husband would look as good as Becks in nut huggers. Thankfully, he does not attempt to pull that "look" off. Becks looks like his trying to smuggle more of an iguana than a lizard...sigh.

Continuing with the "Party In The Panty" wonderful husband gave me the best birthday ever! No perverts....I wasn't talking about sex. I arrived at work to find a beautiful bouquet of lilies, came home to a bottle of champagne....and a scavenger hunt. Presents hidden all over the house...slippers, bathrobe, new James Patterson novel, Cd's, and a photo in a pretty bone picture frame. But the picture in that frame...was friggin' awesome. It was always my vision to have a picture of Brendan and I duelling with swords as the header photo on this blog. The fact that we playfully banter/argue....that is where "Duel Living" came from. I just never got around to creating something that would capture that idea. Brendan did.

It took him 6 long hours of Photoshopping Genius. My sword is way prettier than his. In the real photo...I was holding my bouquet....we should've done this in the first place.

And lastly...the funniest gift of all...and what is allowing me to post about underwear....yet again...was found hanging from the rafters in the basement. I was met with a blindfold and a cardboard tube...and a pinata. So I whacked away...and out spilled....underwear???

"It's a panty pinata!!!!" cried my husband!

All in all, whether geckos or pinatas....a party in the "pants" is the best "party" of all.

That's all for now,



goodniteirene said...

ok, laughing literally out loud. that pic is RAD!!! um, cd's???? what is this 1997???

you are the sweetest (your comments about me and my kitchen). really though, if you could see me right now. UGHH. i took advantage of a free facial.......not a pretty sight. my kitchen is still nice looking, but i have METH FACE. seriously. craters and pits all OVER my face.

Niki said...

OMG I love your husband...can we trade? Your blog always has me laughing out loud and then forwarding it to all my coworkers. Please tell Bren his photo work is the bomb!!!

my favorite and my best said...

ummmm....holyshitballs. david beckham is lovely.

Duel Living said...

Nik-no trade. Sorry, I just don't think I could deal with the whole football and walking around in the underwear thing.

Jenny-reading you loud and clear!

Beth said...

Your husband is awesome!! Mike would NEVER spend that much time making me something!

elledee said...

ha love the sword photo!