Thursday, November 5, 2009

Say Hello To My Lil Fren'....

"Blue as the sky....somber and lonely, sippin' tea..." yeah that's me, all I put my records on, and let my hair down.

Brendan left for Brazil today...I'm missin' him already. I am not however, missing the 20 hour flight that he has ahead of him. Damn! I hope he at least gets to see some beautiful Brazilian women in thongs...he deserves it after that. (I'm such a good wife) I am staying home....taking care of the kids (kitties), and holding down the fort....with a knife next to the bed, an axe under the pillow, and a uzi in my Hope chest. Don't mess with the Zohan! This economy has not afforded me a trip to Brazil this year...but I got a really good price on my Mac 10 .45acp. It's shiny.

Before Bren left...our trouble making child (the orange one) came home smelling like gasoline. So as good parents do...we decided to give our "little man" a "little bath" the sink...with shampoo. Let me set the stage for you...our cat Gus, acts like he is on a permanent acid trip. He's a tweaker. We only had bathed him once before (skunk) and that was a blood bath. Or it looked like one. Tomato juice, the two of us, and a cat on crack. Bloody.

So anyway, we decided the sink was sufficient place to cleanse the smell of gas from Gus's arse...bad idea. Let's just say, Gus's ass still smells like gas but the kitchen window, stove, counters, and kitchen floor are sparkling clean thanks to Gus's "bath". He went from the cuddly little lion cub that he can this:

I'm hoping the scars heal before New Year's.

"Maybe sometimes...we got it wrong...but it's alright."

Yeah, it's alright.

That's all for now,


goodniteirene said...

Love that song. But not as much as I love riding my beach cruiser, bra-less, singing with my girlfriends.
thanks for the funny "gus" story.

Kenge said...

Love that song, too. I have her album and it's great!

Still...that cat picture is scary! lol.