Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't Let Husbands Decorate...

Right now...The President of the United States is staring at me. Two French whores and/or Western whores (I haven't decided which, and it's a family debate) are also staring at me...though in much more of a "come hither" fashion. Oh yeah and whilst all this staring me down is going on...I am being held up by a cross bow toting Chewbacca and a laser-y gun wielding Han Solo. I better run down the train tracks to Fenway Park.

I did a bad, bad thing. I let Brendan decorate. All those things in bold....are hanging on my wall...together...clan of the crazy.

I should have learned from past experience. Previously, when Bren and I lived in our condo...I had relegated his decorative prowess to a closet. Yup...a closet. He set it up like a bar...hung his favorite Madonna poster, Han and Chewy, The Beatles album cover, and all of his other college-y shit. I was OK with that. I could close the doors on that. Now I'm eye to eye with the Head of State and some disease ridden, horse back riding (I've decided they're western), but still slightly French inspired trollops.

The Obama photo was really more of a joke. It was funny...let me repeat the WAS. Bren's very Republican parents were coming to visit for the first time, and my crafty lil' hubby decided he would throw our new Prez in their faces. Months later...Barry (as I have come to call him) is still on our wall. Now, don't get me wrong. I heart our wonderful country..."oh say can you see????", I "Pledge Allegiance" and all that jazz...but...I think we done gone and pushed it a lil' far now. Bren?

The bow-tied, sepia toned "ladies of the evening" and the Star Wars side kicks have been with Bren since college? Childhood? Over 12-15 YEARS now? ***sigh*** I can't make him part with matter the promotion of gun violence and prostitution. I'm a damn understanding wife!

Fenway was a gift from Bren's Mom...and I like it. The train tracks were Brendan's attempt at photography (on one of his hikes...on train tracks)'s actually pretty good...a little repetitive...but it's got vision.

I love my husband...and I love our home. Our office/den room...not so much.'s 2 am and me and the "clan of the crazy" are up way past our Redecorating 101 will have to wait for another day. Night Mr. ready at 3 am when I call your ass.

That's all for now,


goodniteirene said...

oh honey, could be so much worse. you could be staring at an 8x10 of john mccain.

Duel Living said...

True Dat! I never thought of it that way. Better thank my lucky stars...and shut my mouth! LOL