Friday, November 20, 2009

What Would Rachel Zoe Say?

Ok...I would love if you would all let me know what you all think of the new design? Please? One of the blogs I really like recently changed her look and I hate it....but ofcourse, I would never say anything! So please let me know if my changes are good or bad. I love input!

Is this "Bananas"? Or am I just "Nuts"?

Talk to me people,


Cindy said...

I opened this up just now and gasped. I. Adore. It!!! The purple and black, the charcoal bows, the way it looks like fabric/wallpaper/a dress/a gift. Gorgeous.

(FYI, I believe I followed you hear from PFG.)


Cindy said...

Oh oh. Went back and looked at the header. I don't love the font. The rest of it is just so striking that I didn't notice at first.

Welp, now ya know I'm honest... xo

Erica at DECORICA said...

So cute! Way better than you-know-who!

Brandi at Duel Living said...

Cindy-thanks so much for the feedback...I just looked at the font on the header and you are so sucks and will be updated asap. I love love love PFG! I keep telling her she is my "IT" girl...and she may think I'm a stalker. LOL. Her new blog layout looks great!
Erica-LOL...I figured you would say that! I found this background from your thank you...again...for helping me with my blahg!

Brandi said...

Well...I tried to update the font on my blog title...and the choices are icky. So I italisized it for now...and until I learn HTML...that'll have to do. But I'm on it...and hopefully someday in the will be simply smashing!

my favorite and my best said...

your blog is enjoyable looking.

Anonymous said...

This is so you! I love it it looks fantastic and Jadyn says I love it. You know how she loves her purple. Missing you and can't wait to see you next week!!!!!

Brandi said...

I have the greatest husband ever! He helped me with my font and my header! Thank you sexy man!
MFAMB-is enjoyable a good thing? lol
Niki and JJ-can't wait to see you guy either! Love you both so much!

Anonymous said...

look at you!!! your new blog looks like a fabulous new shoe i need to wear. love, love, love it!!!

Duel Living said...

Thanks Katie! I would love a pair of purple shoes!

Cindy said...

There we go! :D Happy Thanksgiving!